No mobile device manufacturer or mobile network carrier is affiliated with or represented by UnlockGSM. As a general rule, we do not use trademarks belonging to wireless network carriers or mobile device manufacturers except for the purposes of nominative ("nominative fair use") and/or descriptive ("descriptive fair use") descriptions of our products and services. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the trademark owners of any products or services offered by UnlockGSM.

1. Tools for unlocking

1.1 When the service will be available Our suppliers play a major role in determining how and when our unlocking tools are available. Hence, we can change the available status of any tool without giving you prior information. Any order that was made before the unlocking tool no longer becomes available is subject to cancellation.

1.2 (b) The pricing of services We reserve the right to alter the prices of all unlocking tools at any time without prior notice. A price change can result in either the fulfillment of pending orders at the old price or the cancellation of orders for resubmission, depending on the conditions of the supplier.

2. Estimated delivery time

Every product page provides an estimate of delivery timeframe based on the specific model and carrier combination. We have estimated these timeframes using the most recent successfully completed orders as a basis. Processing times can however fluctuate continuously due to supplier loads, technical issues, etc. Due to this, UnlockGSM cannot always guarantee that the actual delivery time will coincide with the timeframe stated on the product page.

3. Laws governing the unlocking of mobile devices

3.1 United States
The unlocking of phones and other mobile communication devices is clearly stated in available legislations such as the "Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act" that is available at the following URL: . Similarly the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) available at ( also provides rules that govern the unlocking of mobile devices. Consequently, it is a legal activity, hence, it does not constitute a violation of copyright.

3.2 Countries other than the United States
In most countries around the world, unlocking mobile devices is legal. A customer must ensure Mobile Device Unlocking is legal in his or her country before requesting one. The customer agrees to comply with all local, national, and international laws applicable to their jurisdiction when they place an order with UnlockGSM.

4. How and when to request a refund

A refund cannot be issued until our Support Team has verified and troubleshot each issue with the aim of resolving it. Customers who are eligible for a refund must request it within 90 days of ordering.

5. Refunds will be given in the following cases

5.1 We cannot reimburse you if your phone fails to work owing to being blacklisted in a nation, an activation lock, or difficulties with the handset hardware, such as No Sim or No Service. You should provide us with a video as proof that it did not work, clearly displaying "Incompatible Sim."

5.2 If it satisfies the criteria for each network, but we are unable to unlock it.

6. Refunds will NOT be given in the following cases

6.1 Despite the fact that your phone has already been unlocked, you have placed an order with us. When we submit your unlock to the carrier, we instantly incur the expense of unlocking.

6.2 You placed many unlocking orders and chose to request a refund from the company that didn't tell you initially that the unlock was complete. We incur expenses as a result of our submission.

6.3 You ordered an unlock but did not satisfy the requirements, which were explicitly stated prior to purchase.

6.4 You gave an IMEI number that was wrong.

6.5 You ordered an unlocking service from the wrong network or carrier. (If you're not sure which network or carrier your phone is locked to, get a carrier check.)

6.6 If your phone is on EE and hasn't been active in at least 6 months, or if it's a corporate phone, it can only be unlocked for a fee.

6.7 Your IMEI number is either blocked, blacklisted, stolen, or lost.

6.8 Your IMEI is a few days late.

6.9 Unlocks that don't function due to blacklisting in the nation, an Activation Lock on the device, or hardware difficulties with the phone, such as No Sim or No Service, are not eligible for a refund because the unlock has already been done. Please make sure your phone is clean, doesn't have an activation lock, and works OK with the network sim it was locked to when you bought it. We cannot be held accountable if it does not work.

6.10 If you are unable to activate your iPhone due to an iCloud activation lock, you should contact the iPhone's owner to get the iCloud account removed. We will not issue a refund for a successful sim unlock on a device that you are unable to use owing to an Activation Lock.

6.11 You will not be given any refund if the unlock code which was provided to you, or software unlock or remote unlock doesn't work as it was supposed to or is not compatible to your device because the firmware has been jailbroken or altered. If the customer wishes to proceed with the unlock, it is his responsibility to restore the mobile device's settings to factory default.

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